Beyoncé’s emotional speech to fans during the last show of The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour: [x]


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Best of Mr. and Mrs. Carter Performances

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Beyonce - Partition

Amoo essa Diva…

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@BrunoMars: Happy birthday Bob Marley!

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brunomars: ‪#‎HOOLIGANS‬ Here’s a video of us singing (If I Knew) live in Paris

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~ Love the #CantRememberToForgetYou video so much you want to own it? Then download it from iTunes now!  

~ ¿Les gustó tanto el vídeo de #CantRememberToForgetYou que lo quieren guardar? ¡Ya está disponible en la tienda iTunes!


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Parei de fazer perguntas, as respostas me dão medo.
The Vampire Diaries. (via delenawl)

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Eu vou superar isso, do mesmo jeito que sempre foi. Um dia de cada vez.
The Vampire Diaries. (via delenawl)

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